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Security and Peace of Mind

PHI Technologies uses a collaborative, personalized approach when discussing security, risk and compliance initiatives with customers. Our objective is to understand your unique business and financial goals and regulatory requirements before suggesting how we can assist you in achieving your specific objectives. We will secure you with continuous monitoring of your network environment including those "edge" devices; wireless devices that are connected to your network via the internet. Our objective is to mitigate risk and give you peace of mind. An example of what we do is below:

Asset Discovery

Know what’s connected in your environment at all times, even in a dynamic cloud. If you have cloud infrastructure, our asset discovery capability will find and provide visibility into the assets in your public cloud environments. 

Endpoint Detection & Response

Continuously monitor your endpoints for threats and configuration issues.  Unlike point security solutions, our solutions combines multiple security capabilities into a unified cloud platform, including EDR, SIEM, network intrusion detection, FIM, vulnerability assessment, and more, giving you the essential security capabilities you need in a single pane of glass, while drastically reducing cost and complexity. 

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify vulnerabilities and configuration issues that put your organization at risk. Constant application updates and changes to application and system configurations can introduce vulnerabilities and leave you susceptible to an attack, even if you are keeping your security controls up to date. Our single-point platform easily performs network vulnerability assessments in your cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. 

Financial Protection

PHI is committed to supporting and preserving local businesses and the market. As part of this commitment, the Breach Radar™ solution includes up to $100,000 of breach insurance (per merchant) providing an additional level of financial protection and support to your business. Breach Radar™ can be purchased as a standalone solution or included within one of our managed firewall solution bundles.

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We will secure you with continuous monitoring of your network environment including those "edge" devices. Not only is our solution set comprehensive in nature, but it also provides financial protection.