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What is the Benefit of Managed Services

Do you need supplementary staff for your existing IT department? Or do you need a full team of experienced professionals with the necessary technical expertise to manage your network? PHI Technologies is the perfect option for your organization. We work hard to provide the best Managed IT Services. We will proactively manage your IT infrastructure judiciously and monitor your network proactively to address any issues before they happen to save you both money and time. Our company will work within your organizational budget to provide you with the necessary resources from help desk to V-CIO, even if you plan to augment your existing IT staff or take advantage of our complete array of services. Studies have shown that a good approach makes more sense than the traditional break-fix approach. Break-fix is a reactive approach to resolving technical issues. Companies charge exorbitant hourly rates for time spent resolving issues when they occur. This model hurts your business and helps theirs because it decreases the incentive to find a quick and permanent solution to your IT problem. 

At PHI Technologies, our holistic approach and experienced professionals, are ready to help you take the hassle out of IT management while you focus on your business. Our managed services include: 

Network Monitoring & Care: We monitor and care for your network activity, and whenever a function or a system fails, our trained and experienced support team jump in to investigate the source of the failure. Our team will immediately identify the cause and will get the problem fixed; this is done most times even before our clients realize there is a failure. 

Help Desk: PHI Technologies help desk provides 24hr support whenever you call for it. Our experienced and highly skilled technicians can be contacted through email, call, or chat and they are always ready to help and provide technical answers to your questions. They also offer a fast solution and professional support for a variety of software applications. 

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery: Our continuity and data backup solutions make sure that your critical information is backed up, safe and accessible whenever you need it. During a network failure or disaster, our backup solutions will keep your information safe so you will never have to worry about losing data. 

Custom Project Work: We also provide custom work such as: application development, data center migrations, or system administration to help optimize your IT infrastructure. These include migrations, software installations, setups and configurations, and more. Our technicians are always ready to satisfy regardless of the time required. The main aim is to provide the best solution that will bring positive feedback. 

In conclusion, managing and monitoring infrastructure components such as firewalls, servers, routers, wireless and switches may consume time. Our experienced professional managed IT services and support team provides remote monitoring, and enterprise-wide network management to assure you that the backbone of your business is running perfectly. 

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As your Information Technology Outsourced provider, we have a host of solutions that can be designed specifically for your environment. Our IaaS, PaaS. and DRaaS services are designed with your efficiency in mind.