Colocation turns your data center into a profit center

Why Colocation

PHI Technologies technicians work with your company to help ensure a consistent environment for your colocation needs and to future-proof your infrastructure. Our skilled, experienced team of professionals have major certifications from ITIL and PMP, to vendor equipment and hardware such as Alcatel Lucent SRC and Cisco CCNA, to structured cabling and data center certifications including CDCMP, BICSI, and CDCBP. Our colocation services include: 

  • Secured Cages 
  • Structured Cabling
  • Secure Cabinets
  • Remote Hands Support
  • Server Management 

Why Use Colocation Services?

Colocation provides peace of mind via uptime guarantees and frees up time and resources for organizations to invest in their core business. Colocation offer organizations an enhanced redundancy, security, and connectivity by making use of economies of scale. PHI Technologies offers colocation solutions that accommodates organizations and companies with any size footprint, ranging from 1/2 cabinets to private data suites. At PHI Technologies, we also offer outsourced services if needed, and we are 100% accountable for services and customer support. 

Here are four benefits of data center colocation:


  • Scalability. Our facilities are designed to not only comply with regulations and standards, but are also flexible enough to handle your capacity requirements, all while simultaneously reducing your operating costs. We use efficient design in our layout as well as high capacity equipment. Whether you lease space on our servers or use your own, we have the ability to provide what will work best for you.

  • Sustainable infrastructure. Our services help businesses reach their full potential by not only providing cost savings but also sustaining and providing an excellent business infrastructure. We offer power, bandwidth, and the efficient delivery of your mission-critical applications and network files. We provide you the best solution for power, connectivity, bandwidth and latency. We focus on the data center and network services, so your company can focus on the bottom line.

  • Security. Each of our facilities have the necessary resources to maintain high security—more so than a company. We are meticulous in ensuring all tenants’ data is protected and secure through personnel monitoring, physical-attack prevention, and fire detection and control.

  • Cost. The two major points of cost efficiency are capital expenses and operational expenses. With colocation, a business does not worry about purchasing land, hiring a contractor, handling deployment latency, managing security, or delivering and managing power in the building. The cost to expand an in-house or self-managed data center can be steep, which is what makes our solution the optimal choice. The cost benefits of colocation enable companies to not only expand but save money while doing so. 

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Placing your mission critical infrastructure with PHI improves your operational responsiveness, but is also a solid step in good risk management practices. Benefit from greater: Scalability, Sustainability, Security, and Reduced overhead.